About us

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments is managed by three former colleagues, who have all done their PhD research at Nikhef. As the company is growing, there is a new researcher on the board with the international experience from R&D institutions.

CEO: Dr. Hans Roeland Poolman

  • Business developer and investor (seed & early-stage) who bridges the gap between scientific research and running a for-profit company.
  • Responsibilities: SG&A

COO: Dr. Jan Visser

  • Staff scientist at NIKHEF with extensive industrial experience in setting up and managing supply chain and production processes and Detector Development.
  • Responsibilities: Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Engineering & Testing.

Researcher: Dr. Josef Uher

  • Instrumentation & Research Scientist who has got a long experience with development and implementation of imaging detectors.
  • Responsibilities: Detector characterisation, software development, R&D of detectors and applications.

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