Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI) is a spin-off company from Nikhef, the Dutch research institute for particle physics. The company is located at the Science Park in Amsterdam where it brings technology and expertise to the market by employing the detector technology that is based on the efforts from the¬†Medipix collaboration.¬†Our research institute associations mean that we are on the cutting edge of the latest technological advancement, and we are constantly testing and innovating to ensure we stay there. Our technologies and our expertise deliver exponentially increased value to leading solutions in the market. Our imaging solutions are based on a technology platform with “smart” pixels, and proprietary hardware and software, that allow for a new approach to eg. electron tomography, mass spectrometry imaging, color X-ray images and neutron radiography.

What does this mean for industries such as life sciences, industrial manufacturing, and healthcare? The technology allows you to open up a whole range of new applications, discover more, and save time and money. Additionally, as all our customers have their own needs, requirements and specifications, we listen carefully to them, and work together with them to find the best tailor-made solutions.

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