Science and Business Advisory Board


Prof. Dr. Ron Heeren

Among other things, prof. dr. Ron Heeren studies neurodegenerative diseases and the molecular basis of cancer. He is involved in several drug metabolic projects including innovative nanoparticle based drug delivery systems. Prof. Dr. Heeren is also co-director of the new institute Maastricht MultiModal Molecular Imaging institute (M4I). M4I is a state-of-the art molecular imaging institute that brings together a powerful palette of high-end, innovative molecular imaging technologies. The mission of the institute is to perform fundamental, instrumentation and applied studies in molecular imaging as a part of a translational, synergistic, interdisciplinary research program in a leading international center relevant for science, education, economy and society. 

Vincent van den Brekel

Vincent van den Brekel obtained a doctorate-level in economics, at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After his studies he filled the position of VP at ABN AMRO for 5 years. Additionally, he achieved his Master of Science degree in System Dynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Afterwards he worked for Pepsico in planning and fulfilled the position of VP for Tiscalli and CEO for XEMC Darwin B.V. Most recently, he performed the function of partner/member of the PA Consulting Group in London. As Business Advisor of ASI he provides financing and strategic advice.

Dr. Jan Visser
Jan Visser is employed as staff scientist at NIKHEF. He possesses extensive industrial experience in setting up and managing supply chain and production processes as well as Detector Development. As Scientific Advisor he shares his experiences to advise the ASI management board .
Dr. Niels van Bakel

Dr. Niels van Bakel is group leader of the detector Research & Development team at Nikhef. He completed his Master of Science, elementary particle physics, and a Ph.D. in experimental particle physics.

Dr. Frank R. Landsberger

Dr. Frank R. Landsberger, Ph.D., is the Founder of INKEF Capital and served as its Senior Managing Director. He is a Co-founder of Mojave Therapeutics, Inc., and served as its Chief Executive Officer since its inception. Dr. Landsberger was an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellow at The Rockefeller University, where he held an Associate Professorship and a subsequent Adjunct Associate Professorship, and was Chairman of the Biophysics Department. His fields of research included the the structure of semiconducting glasses, virology, biochemistry, cell surface phenomena, endocrinology, and parasitology. In 2000, Dr. Landsberger became the Founding Executive Director of the Biomedical Entrepreneurship Program. Frank has wide and deep professional experience as a venture capitalist, start‐up entrepreneur, academic and senior manager. He has worked in technology and venture capital in the USA, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, and Russia. 

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