Amsterdam Scientific Instruments was founded by former colleagues, who have done their PhD research at Nikhef. As the company is growing, there are new instrumentation scientists on board with the international experience from several R&D institutions.

ASIPortretten9 DJvD
CEO: Dr. Hans Roeland Poolman

Hans Roeland Poolman combines his experience as business developer and investor, especially in seed and early-stage companies, with a scientific background focussed on subatomic physics. Dr. Poolman is co-founder and managing director of several high tech start-ups. He is the CEO of both Amsterdam Scientific Instruments and Omics2Image, subsequently spin-outs from FOM institutes Nikhef and Amolf. These companies are closely related due to their commercialization of Timepix detector technology and the synergies they create due to shared operations at the Science Park in Amsterdam. He received his PhD degree in Experimental Subatomic Physics at VU/Nikhef on January 15, 1999. After a Postdoc position of 2 years at the VU Amsterdam, he joined Lucent Technologies where he held several positions as project manager, exposure manager & asset manager. As project manager he was responsible for the execution of several high profile pan-European projects. In addition, he graduated (Cum Laude) in May 2007 at Babson College (MA, USA) where he received an MSc in Management and Finance.

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CTO: Dr. Dmytro Byelov

Dmytro Byelov is appointed as CTO at ASI, specializing at implementing methods of physics, mathematics and programming for practical applications. Dmytro attained a PhD in physical chemistry at the University of Münster. After which he conducted several researches at the Odessa State Polytechnic University, FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMOLF) and Van ‘t Hoff Laboratory for physical and colloid chemistry. Presently, he is responsible for software development and testing at ASI.

Hans Radhoe
Sales Director: Hans Radhoe

Hans is graduated in Biotechnology and Environment Management. After spending some years in research in GMP laboratory, he started his commercial career. He has an extensive experience in sales management/ business development/ marketing/ new product positioning, gained in different markets such as Life Science/diagnostics (Human, veterinary, food & agro).

Bram Bouwens ASI
Research Scientist and Software Engineer: Dr. Bram Bouwens

Bram Bouwens has the function of research scientist and software engineer. He finished his PhD in high energy physics at the University of Amsterdam. Among other things, Bram has worked as the Head of the R&D Department at Fredhopper for almost 12 years. Since 2010, he is CIO of Sensiflex. Before his employment at ASI, Bram was a Research Associate at Nikhef (National Institute for Subatomic Physics).

Application Scientist / Business Development Manager: Dr. Igor Nederlof

Dr. Igor Nederlof works at ASI as an Application Scientist and Business Development Manager. He obtained his PhD in the Biophysical Structural Chemistry group of Jan Pieter Abrahams at Leiden University, specializing in electron microscopy and diffraction studies of 3D protein crystals. After his PhD, Igor continued his research in the group as a post-doc. At ASI, Igor is responsible for the development and integration of the timepix detector in Electron Microscope applications.

Application Scientist: Dr. Erik Maddox

Dr. Erik Maddox works at ASI as an application scientist. He obtained his PhD in experimental particle physics in 2004. Since then he worked for several small companies on the development of new and advanced instrumentation for planetary research, astronomy, (bio)medical and molecular imaging systems. With his broad experience in the fields of experimental physics and software development he can contribute constructively to different stages stages of R&D projects: Modelling and simulation, design, prototype testing, calibration, data acquisition and data analysis. Currently Erik work at ASI is focussed on the development of the next generation of electron detectors for electron microscopy applications.

Operations Manager: Fei An Tjan

Fei An Tjan works as operations manager at ASI. She has an academic background in media and communications but has gotten more involved in setting up and coordinating projects and events in recent years. At ASI, she is now responsible for managing company processes, Human Resource management, procurement and logistics.

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Financial Coordinator: Magret Buter

Margret Buter works as Financial coordinator for ASI. She completed her studies Business Economics at the School for Business Administration and Economics (HEAO in Dutch) in Alkmaar . After her studies she fulfilled several accounting positions at various companies. Margret is responsible for all financial administration at ASI.

Meryem Bolukbasi
Financial Administration: Meryem Bolukbasi

Meryem Bolukbasi works at ASI as financial employee. Besides financial administration and reporting, she supports the management with further professionalization of the organisation. She completed her MBA at the VU University at Amsterdam.

Matthijs van Raaij
Mechanical Technician: Matthijs van Raaij

Matthijs van Raaij has a background in mechanical engineering and is experienced with 3D CAD software, and product develpment. For ASI he will have tasks linked to product support and mechanical duties.

OMA Researcher: Navrit Bal

In September 2016, Navrit joined as Early Stage Researcher at ASI, working on Medipix3 detectors. Navrit received his Physics MPhys degree from the University of Kent with a study abroad year at the University of California, Berkely. During this period, Navrit had a summer job at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).

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