Spectral imaging

The STPX and QTPX detectors allow together with our software a direct measurement of per-pixel X-ray spectra. The measurement is done using the Time-Over-Threshold mode and pattern recognition techniques implemented in the software. The resulting spectra are automatically corrected on charge sharing between pixels.

The following image shows example of spectra measured in one randomly selected pixel.

OB and Cu spectrum measured with Timepix


X-ray tube open beam Bremstrahlung spectrum and the same spectrum of X-rays after passing through 25 ┬Ám thick Cu foil.

Cu attenuation curve measured with Timepix










The X-ray attenuation curve in the Cu foil calculated from the measured data as -ln(ICu/Io). The k-edge of Cu is clearly visible at energy of 8.9 keV.

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