X-ray imaging and tomography

X-ray imaging is the primary application of our devices. Our hybrid pixel detectors are single-photon-counting devices. It means that only signals generated by X-rays are detected. Contrary to regular X-ray digital imaging sensors (CCDs, flat panels) there is no dark current integrated. Therefore, the dynamic range achievable in X-ray images taken with QTPX-262k or STPX-65k is virtually unlimited. Our devices can also create color images. Please click here to view these images.

Combined X-ray and photo of a pocket watch X-ray image of a ladybug

CT reconstruction of the ladybug measured using QTPX-262k, overall measurement time ~17 minutes, 100 projections, X-ray tube running at 20kVp@200µA, magnification 3x. Measured by Enrico Schioppa, PhD student at Nikhef. Reconstruction done with our in-house written software.


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