Ion and electron Imaging

Applications of TPX3Cam include spatial and velocity map imaging of ions in time-of-flight mass spectroscopy; coincidence imaging of ions and electrons, and other time-resolved types of imaging spectroscopy. TPX3Cam is able to detect and time-stamp ion hits with 1.6 ns timing resolution, thus making it possible to record ion momentum images for all fragment ions simultaneously and avoiding the need to gate the detector on a single fragment.

Table ion TOF mass spectrum
The image on the left shows ion TOF mass spectrum of CH2IBr recorded with TimepixCam, a previous model of the TPX3Cam, at the FLASH light source at the German Synchrotron, Hamburg after strong-field ionization with an intense laser pulse along with the camera images for each of the peaks in the TOF spectrum.

Adapted from M.Fisher-Levine et al, J. Synchrotron Rad. (2018) 25, 336-345.