X-ray imaging is an important tool for the analysis of seeds. By having a detailed image of the seed, a large amount of information on the quality of the plants can be given. Images can reveal the presence of insects, diseases or other defects. Furthermore, certain information on the content of the fruit can be discovered.

The more details of seeds are visible, the more information can be obtained about their quality. To provide more details, detectors need to have a high resolution. The detectors offered by ASI have a resolution that provides much more information than conventional cameras do. This makes it well suited for seed analysis.

Main advantages for seed- imaging with ASI’s detector and software:
• More detail on the composition of the seed
• Detect defections earlier
• Reduction of bad crops

watermelon seed-page-001

CT X-ray of a watermelon seed

corn seed-page-001 (1)

CT X-ray of a corn seed

spinach seed-page-001

CT X-ray of a spinach seed









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