Life sciences

Atoms and molecules are the basis of life and new materials, forming our cells and new drugs. Diseases can cause the cell to malfunction by interfering with its molecular organization. For this reason, academic and industrial scientists are searching for the proteins, antibodies, metabolites, lipids and other biomarkers that make up the molecular structure.

Mass Spectrometers are the best tool for identifying and quantifying individual component biomolecules in complex mixtures of solids, liquids and gases. However, current detectors for mass spectrometers are still limited in sensitivity, dynamic range & throughput speed which leaves most information on biomolecules undetected. The vacuum compatibility of our detector makes it suitable for mass spectrometry imaging and therefore drastically increases the value of mass spectrometers in the life sciences industry. With our detector it is now possible to reveal crucial information on molecular structures, such as intact proteins.

Main advantages of ASI’s hardware and software analysis:

  • 100 times better signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range than conventional detectors
  • reduces time needed to create an image from days to minutes
  • Resolution below 500 nm






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