Our imaging solution

Our imaging solutions are based on a technology platform that include a Timepix detector, proprietary hardware and software and the ability to retrofit or customise our solution to the wishes of our clients.

The Timepix detectors consist of a sensor (a silicon diode) divided into an array of pixels. Each pixel is connected via bump­‐bond ball to the readout electronics integrated in the chip below the sensor. The electronics in the individual pixels processes the signals from the sensor. Each pixel either counts number of detected photons/particles, or measures time of arrival of detected events or measures the energy deposited by the detected quantum. The technology is described in detail here.

Our sensor chip is standard equipped with Silicon, but can be combined with a variety of radiation sensors (silicon, CdTe, Micro-Channel-Plates, etc). Combined with the vacuum compatibility it makes our detector suitable for Electron, Neutron and X-ray imaging as well as for mass spectrometry imaging. All these techniques open up various applications in different industries.


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