We purchased the IonPix detector for our Mass Spectrometry system and are pleased to say that ASI/Omics2Image has provided us with a great product and outstanding service. They installed the system on-site and assisted us fast and correctly when needed. The IonPix detector has given us the opportunity to enhance our research due to its unique features. We highly recommend ASI/Omics2Image to other institutes

Sohee Yoon, Ph.D, Senior Research Scientist
Center for Nano-Bio Convergence research, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS), South Korea.




Since mid 2000s we have been following up development of Medipix detectors, as they were highly sensitive, could be used to detect photons, electrons and charged particles and could also measure the energy deposition on a micrometer/cellular level. Unfortunately at that stage the access to technology was limited and only available via collaboration with CERN. This situation however changed in 2012, when the technology was released to industry partners, including Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI), the Netherlands. We have selected their Timepix device (development of Medipix) because of the removable detector cover which makes it suitable for detection of both photons and charged particles (e.g. alpha particles) and as a result it can be used both for imaging as well as dosimetry applications with mixed radiation fields. ASI have been excellent in discussing the apparatus and its performance, providing us with numerous literature, in addition to attractive quote. Once received, the apparatus and the data acquisition system were easy to assemble and we could proceed with measurements immediately.
We have enjoyed excellent collaboration and support by Amsterdam Scientific Instruments, who provided on-site as well as teleconference training and technical support. They have also provided us with software updates and other technical upgrades. We highly recommend ASI to other research institutions interested in the TIMEPIX detector.

Eva Bezak, Head of department of Medical Physics
Royal Adelaide Hospital and University of Adelaide, South Australia

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A productive cooperation with the professionals of Amsterdam Scientific instruments resulted in a fast development of a neutron sensitive Medipix detector. We are happy that we are now the proud owner of such a system that comes with excellent support.

Jeroen Plomp, Research Technician/Scientist
TU Delft

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments conducted at the beginning of February first tests of STPX – 65k detector adapted for neutron imaging. The measurement was done together at the Reactor Institute Delft. More information about the measurement is here.


Bringing a cutting-edge technology from Amsterdam Scientific Instruments altogether with their dynamic team of highly motivated professionals enabled our MX-10 product to get to the market in a faster and more reliable way.

Pavel Hübner, R&D Chief Engineer





The ASI TimePix is an essential tool for characterizing our novel X-ray sources. The camera’s high speed and detection efficiency allows for time resolving an X-ray emitting region. Furthermore, the ability to easily obtain spectral information from an X-ray image makes the TimePix a unique and valuable instrument. In addition, the customer support has been outstanding!

Carlos Camara, Founder & Chief Scientist


ASI has recently received the STW grant. You can find more information here.

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