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What if you had only 97.45 nanoseconds to read this job post?

We are looking for a passionate software developer to help us read out the fastest noise free cameras in the world. Our company, Amsterdam Scientific Instruments develops cameras based on CERN’s Medipix technology. With this we push the boundary of what is possible in imaging light, electrons, X-rays and neutrons. Our technology allows our customers to accelerate and extend the limits of their research.

Our cameras generate data at a rate that would allow you to read this post in 97.45 nanoseconds. You will be joining a team of highly experienced developers to make this happen. Your first task will be to work in Java to make and adapt existing code that is close to the chip readout and has a high level of abstraction. You will be dealing with bit shuffling and network packet handling. Later challenges will include cluster analysis and fast Fourier transforms on thousands of images per second. You will get familiar with concurrent programming. We don’t expect you to know how to do all this, we expect you to learn because you love writing code and solving problems.

What are we looking for
  • Academic level, top of your class
  • Education in Physics, Informatics, Electrical engineering, or similar exact sciences
  • Programming skills in Java or Rust or C++
  • Independent, creative, enthusiastic, and eager to learn spirit and innovative mind-set
  • Affinity with scientific customers, physics, or electronics is a plus

What we offer:
  • Lots to learn and room for growth
  • Diverse and cross-functional team
  • 32-40 hours

If you are interested please write a letter, motivation is everything. We will also read your CV. If you have example code you can share please indicate it in letter or CV. You can send it to: attn. Fei An Tjan.

In case of questions concerning this vacancy, make use of +31 207235200.

Acquisition calls by recruitment agencies will not appreciated.

Internship opportunities

Research Internship

Since it is ASI’s mission to build a bridge between scientific knowledge and entrepreneurship, we find it important to take up students and interns in our team. Therefore, we are enthusiastic to add (bio)physics students or students from related fields, who have affiliation with electron microscopy, mass spectrometry imaging or X-ray technology, to the ASI research team. This will enable ASI to accomplish its goal of further developing the imaging technologies and its multiple applications.

Internships can be offered for fulltime and part-time employment and are supervised by one of our experienced scientists. This gives students the opportunity to conduct research in our state-of-the-art laboratory, which is closely associated with the two major research institutes Nikhef and AMOLF located on the same site.

Our team consists of a group of dedicated individuals, who are eager to learn. We’re always interested in meeting prospective colleagues possessing the same and/or complementary qualities. Since ASI is a young and dynamic company, working here means you will experience a lot of freedom for personal growth and realizing innovative ideas. Moreover, we offer an agreeable work environment, devoting time to both professional and personal cooperation.

Are you interested? Please e-mail your CV and motivation statement to