Scientific Software Engineer


What if you only had 97.45 nanoseconds to read this job post?

We are looking for a passionate software engineer to help us deliver the best experience to our scientific users. We, at Amsterdam Scientific Instruments, develop scientific detection systems and cameras based on CERN’s Medipix technology for frame- and event-based particle and radiation detection. We create the next generation of scientific detection systems for photons, electrons, X-rays and neutrons. Our technology enables our customers to accelerate their research towards the next breakthrough in the field of physics, chemistry, material sciences and biology. 

Our detectors generate data, but we want them to generate insight as well. You will be joining us in the realization of this mission-critical translation step. Your main responsibility will be the development of a Python-based user interface. Furthermore, you will develop data processing modules and tools to help our customers gain meaningful insights from the massive amount of raw data. This could involve image processing and analysis or creating a suitable data view. You will be in direct contact with collaboration partners to co-develop application-specific solutions.


You should be/have: 

  • Software engineer with academic background. 
  • Demonstratable and excellent programming skills in Python.
  • Demonstratable experience with Java or C++ or Rust.
  • Experience with high speed processing, hardware acceleration or networking is a plus.
  • Independent, creative, enthusiastic, and eager to learn spirit with an innovative mind-set. 
  • Affinity with scientific customers, physics and mathematics is a plus.

What we offer:

  • A highly inspiring team of enthusiastic and innovative entrepreneurial-minded individuals.
  • Extensive learning opportunities to help you sharpen your skills and add knowledge from other areas. 
  • Cultural, diverse, self-organizing, non-hierarchical team.
  • An environment where you can shape the future of our software path and eventually influence the commercial and scientific impact of Amsterdam Scientific Instruments.
  • 32-40 hours in a hybrid working environment with an excellent office location in Amsterdam Science Park.

For clarity: various scientists with programming experience form a valuable part of our team. However, for this vacancy, we are looking for a very well trained or experienced software engineer who is preferably a science enthusiast!

If you are interested, please send us your CV and Cover Letter to tell us about your motivation, experience and background. If you have code examples to share, please also send us a reference. 


Please direct your documents to:

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments B.V.

E:  attn. Mirto Niki Trouva

T: +31 20 723 5200

If you have any questions regarding the vacancy, we are happy to answer them. 


Acquisition calls by recruitment agencies are not appreciated.