ASI is a new partner of the ATTRACT initiative

ASI is a new partner in the ATTRACT project which is a new, open, pan-EU initiative to accelerate the development of these specialist detector and imaging technologies for market – through a process of co-innovation with other labs, SMEs, industry and universities. The aim: to work with scientists, students, entrepreneurs and investors to invent new services and products, and attract new investment to the sector. A pilot effort is already underway at CERN’s Geneva campus, with the aid of Aalto, the leading Finnish university with a world-class reputation for design innovation and management. And at international business school ESADE in Barcelona, Professor Henry Chesbrough – the man who first coined the term ‘open innovation’- is developing a new framework for scaling up this kind of collaboration at scientific establishments.

Seed money would come from the European Union to get the labs, companies and entrepreneurs working together – through an independently managed programme office. After a pilot phase, ATTRACT will grow, working to enlist private and other funding sources with the capital and expertise necessary to bring these new technologies to market more quickly.


  • ATTRACT can deliver breakthrough technologies for global markets. The expertise and inventions at its biggest labs are an unparalleled resource – but need an ecosystem around them for investment, entrepreneurship and innovation. ATTRACT creates a necessary framework for this difficult, high-specification technology to move out of the lab and into the market.
  • ATTRACT can get more value from Europe’s science base. The EU and its member-states have a deep, long-standing investment in these high-end labs. This has already paid off scientifically, but ATTRACT can multiply the returns in new, economic ways.
  • ATTRACT can help strengthen European institutions. ATTRACT partner labs spread across the EU. Working together with local companies and investors, they can create a new, economically powerful ecosystem from north to south, west to east.
  • ATTRACT can engage many more citizens in science and technology – as entrepreneurs, customers, or students. It can strengthen Europe’s talent base.

Please see the ATTRACT overview here.