ASI participated in a Lorentz Center Workshop

From November 3rd to 7th, ASI attended the Lorentz Center workshop Life Science with Industry. The idea of this workshop was for a young team of life scientists (PhD students and post-docs) to tackle a problem or challenge that companies face. ASI presented a challenge to the group of six to discover new or combine current techniques where our detector could be a game-changing tool. We believe that ASI’s detectors applications will lie mostly in the life sciences where speed and sensitivity are crucial.

The group’s ideas ranged from improved mass spectrometry detection to pushing the detectors limit to the soft X-ray range where noise from water molecules makes measurements difficult. Other applications included early detection of disease drug use or toxins through analysis of hair and proton induced X-ray emission. All in all it was an exciting week where, not only ASI learned a lot from the output of the group, but also the group learned what it is like to work in the dynamic atmosphere of a tech start-up.

Check out the workshop here

Lorentz Workshop