In this seminar, Prof. Thomas Weinacht and Chuan Cheng will discuss a series of velocity map imaging (VMI) experiments which successfully measured the three-dimensional momentum of electrons and ions. The results of these experiments were achieved with the help of ASI TPX3CAM – a hybrid pixel detector which enables researchers to investigate molecular dynamics.

The electrons and ions are produced in strong field ionization and time-resolved photoelectron/photoion spectroscopy experiments. The time resolution of the TPX3CAM allows for direct three dimensional imaging of fragment ion momenta [P_x,P_y,P_z] by measuring [X, Y, TOF] for each ion incident on the microchannel plates + phosphor screen detector. The researchers have recently developed and implemented a new detection method for achieving picosecond time resolution for electron imaging. This new method opens up new possibilities for studying strong field molecular ionization and excited state molecular dynamics.

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