We are welcoming 2 new distributors from China and South Korea that have joined the ASI team recently.
The collaboration between ASI and both distributors reflects the continuing development of our global business.

APEC in South Korea stands for Applied Physics Engineering Company. The company focusses on high voltage technology and works closely together with several research institutes.

Nanjing Tansi Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional sales company that distributes optical and electron equipment, established in 2004. The company’s main focus is on the sales, development and technical service of optical equipment and electron equipment. Their staff has working experience of 10 or more years on optical microscopes, electron microscopes, and EM sample preparation equipments.

Last month, our Sales Director Hans Radhoe went to the CNMC, a conference on electron microscopy in Chengdu, China, together with new distributor Tansi. Apart from the conference, he also gave extensive training and visited clients in the country. The pictures below show a simple impression of ASI’s presence at both the conference and at Tansi headquarters in Chendu.







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