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ASI’s CheeTah is a hybrid pixel detector for electron microscopy applications. Enabling the full power of Medipix 3 and Timepix 3 technology, the CheeTah detector allows single electron sensitivity. Moreover, high-speed and noiseless data acquisition. Also, it offers unprecedented possibilities to boost the power of standard TEMs. The EM – CheeTah is the detector of choice for low-dose applications and for beam-sensitive materials!

The CheeTah can be mounted on any kind of TEM like ThermoFisher, JEOL, Hitachi and Zeiss.

Key features

Which CheeTah is best for you?

CheeTah T3

From 211,500
  • 640,000,000 fps
  • Timestamping of Electrons
  • Coincidence measurements
  • 320 MHits/s (50pA) Readout
  • Event-Based Detection

CheeTah M3

From 121,500
  • 16,7M counts per Pixel (24 Bit)
  • Noiseless Detection and Energy Discrimination
  • Flexible Geometry and Housing
  • 2,000 fps
  • Zero-Readout Time

CheeTah M3 Megapixel

From 385,500
  • 16x Medipix3 chip
  • 1024 x 1024 Pixels
  • 3,000 fps
  • Zero-Readout Time
  • Noiseless Detection and Energy Discrimination
CheeTah detector configuration options

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