Advanced X-Ray detectors


The LynX detector series are hybrid pixel detectors based on the Medipix3 and Timepix3 technology. Among the Hybrid Pixel Detectors, they have the smallest pixels with a pixel pitch of 55 µm. This makes them suitable for a wide range of imaging and diffraction applications, including x-rays detection, imaging and tomography. The detectors consist of a sensor which is divided into an array of pixels. Each pixel is connected via bump-bonds to the readout ASICs. The sensor material and thickness can be configured depending on the application.

Key features

LynX T3

From 38,720
  • Event-Based Detector
  • Timepix3 Technology - 55 µm Pixels
  • Noiseless Detection - 1 Threshold
  • 640,000,000 FPS Speed
  • Time Stamping - 3D-Detector

LynX M3

From 38,720
  • Frame-Based Detector
  • Medipix 3 Technology - 55 µm Pixels
  • Noiseless Detection - 2 Thresholds
  • 16,7M Counts per Pixel - 24 Bit
  • Zero-Readout Time

LynX Spectral

From 145,000
  • Energy Descrimination with Multiple Energy Thresholds
  • In-house calibration of energy thresholds
  • Complete Workflow Automation
  • High Dynamic Range
  • High Speed

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