TOF-Mass Spectrometry Imaging

MSI in microscope mode

In MSI, there are two ways to perform mass spectrometry imaging,1. microprobe mode; 2. microscope mode.


The laser was focused onto the sample surface to ionize the sample. The spatial resolution is restricted by the spot-size of the laser. Each scanning point as a “pixel” in latter image has a mass spectrum.


By contrast, the spot-size of the laser is normally bigger (100 – 300 um) than the one (1 – 10 um) used in the microprobe mode, while requires time- and position- sensitive detector to image the focused area. By doing this, it can speed up the data acquisition, and increase spatial resolution.

Advantages of using Microscope mode

  • High speed
  • Large image area
  • High spatial resolution
  • High mass sensitive

15000x faster than rapifleX according to M4I work.

[two images (from internet) shown left HAVE TO BE REDREW due to copyright issue!! CCD camera should be replaced by the TPX3CAM]

[Some nice experimental results/images may be asked and obtained from M4I]

[For commercial use, always ask for permission first before any use!]

Relevant imaging techniques

Microscope mode mass spectrometry imaging can be applied for:



[It could be good to show some example results from M4I, e.g. sample images, publications, etc.

Experimental setup which integrates the TPX3CAM]

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