Neutron Imaging and Diffraction - 3He detector performance on a scintillator


The LumaCAM is a dedicated solution for neutron imaging beamlines based on a time-resolved event detection system. Time-resolved imaging allows to suppress scintillator afterglow by differentiating neutron events from other radiation. NeutronCAM is as specific for neutron detection as a 3He detector.  

The LumaCAM can be used with nearly every scintillator type, independent of conversion efficiency or decay time, allowing scientists to choose the optimum scintillator for the experiment.

LumaCAM makes use of algorithms developed by Adrian Losko (see Nature Communications publication), allowing live processing of image data during the experiment and achieving super-resolution by using time-based Center-of-Mass integration.L

Key features

LumaCAM System

The NeutronCAM System is a complete neutron imaging solution based on the NeutronCam. The system features a counting-type neutron detection, a specialized light-tight enclosure, and remote-controlled adjustable Field-of-View (FoV). The NeutronCAM System will be the basis for the next generation of neutron diffraction detectors based on event-based cameras – a viable replacement for 3He detectors at every beamline.
Design example of the NeutronCam System.


From 155,000
  • Dedicated package for neutron imaging
  • Timepix3 technology: ToF with 1.56 ns resolution
  • High data rate mode - up to 80 Mhits/s
  • Image Intensifier optimized for scintillator use
  • LoskoCode: Live Data Processing and super-resolution imaging

LumaCAM System

From 201,275
  • Complete neutron imaging solution
  • Optimized scintillator based on your requirements
  • Light-tight enclosure with 45° mirror (semi-transparent on request)
  • Remote Controlled Field-of-View
  • Leightweight and mobile: Move between instruments

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Dr. Adrian Losko

Neutron Specialist and CEO at Losko Vision

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Key publications

New perspectives for neutron imaging through advanced event-mode data acquisition
A. S. Losko et al. Sci Rep. (2021)

A novel energy resolved neutron imaging detector based on a time stamping optical camera for the CSNS
J. Yang et al. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment (2021)