ASI Velocity Map Imaging Online Seminar

In this seminar, Prof. Thomas Weinacht and Chuan Cheng will discuss a series of velocity map imaging (VMI) experiments which successfully measured the three-dimensional momentum of electrons and ions. The results of these experiments were achieved with the help of ASI TPX3CAM – a hybrid pixel detector which enables researchers to investigate molecular dynamics. The electrons and […]

ASI Ultrafast EM Online Seminar

Ultrafast Electron Microscopy (UEM) facilitates microscopic imaging, diffraction, and spectroscopy at picosecond timescales. In this online seminar, Prof. Dr. Jonas Weissenrieder [LinkedIn] will talk about the recently constructed UEM set-up at KTH as well as some exciting results achieved using the ASI CheeTah M3 Hybrid Pixel Detector for both diffraction and imaging. The application of […]

ASI Neutron Imaging Online Seminar

Dr. Adrian Losko [LinkedIn] will share that recently developed event-driven detectors are capable of observing and time-stamping spots of light induced by particle interactions on scintillator materials. Reconstructing the Centre-of-Mass of the light emitted can provide a precise location of the interaction. This principle provides a pathway to overcome the blurring introduced by integration of […]

MD-GAS WG1 & WG2 Conference 2021

Learn about the newest high-performance instrumentation and experimental methods! From 15th-19th March 2021, MD-GAS COST Action invites experts to share the latest developments of high-performance instrumentation, as well as the gas phase molecular dynamics induced by interactions between molecules/clusters and photons, electrons, or heavy particles, and their applications. One of ASI’s very own application scientists, Dr. […]