Imaging and time-stamping single optical photons for quantum applications webinar

In collaboration with Photonis, ASI created Mantis³: the single-photon TPX3CAM. Join Dr. Andrei Nomerotski and Dr. Peter Švihra in discussing this fast optical camera based on the back-illuminated silicon sensor and Timepix3 data-driven readout. Mantis³ can provide time resolution on the nanosecond scale by time-stamping the single photons as individual events. In the presentation, Peter […]

ASI will be attending the ITMNR-9 Conference

We are happy to announce that ASI will be attending the ITMNR-9 conference in Bueno Aires, Argentina from 17th October 2022 until 21st October 2022. Our experts will be available and ready to answer any of your questions at our booth! We look forward to seeing you there! For more information please visit:

ASI Velocity Map Imaging Online Seminar

In this seminar, Prof. Thomas Weinacht and Chuan Cheng will discuss a series of velocity map imaging (VMI) experiments which successfully measured the three-dimensional momentum of electrons and ions. The results of these experiments were achieved with the help of ASI TPX3CAM – a hybrid pixel detector which enables researchers to investigate molecular dynamics. The electrons and […]

ASI Ultrafast EM Online Seminar

Ultrafast Electron Microscopy (UEM) facilitates microscopic imaging, diffraction, and spectroscopy at picosecond timescales. In this online seminar, Prof. Dr. Jonas Weissenrieder [LinkedIn] will talk about the recently constructed UEM set-up at KTH as well as some exciting results achieved using the ASI CheeTah M3 Hybrid Pixel Detector for both diffraction and imaging. The application of […]

ASI Neutron Imaging Online Seminar

Dr. Adrian Losko [LinkedIn] will share that recently developed event-driven detectors are capable of observing and time-stamping spots of light induced by particle interactions on scintillator materials. Reconstructing the Centre-of-Mass of the light emitted can provide a precise location of the interaction. This principle provides a pathway to overcome the blurring introduced by integration of […]

MD-GAS WG1 & WG2 Conference 2021

Learn about the newest high-performance instrumentation and experimental methods! From 15th-19th March 2021, MD-GAS COST Action invites experts to share the latest developments of high-performance instrumentation, as well as the gas phase molecular dynamics induced by interactions between molecules/clusters and photons, electrons, or heavy particles, and their applications. One of ASI’s very own application scientists, Dr. […]