Open positions available at ASI!

We are hiring! Currently, we are looking for several positions to be filled within our organisation. There is an open position for an early stage research fellow, operations and office manager and an administrative assistant.

Early Stage Researcher Fellowship within the OMA Project (Optimization of Medical Accelerators)

OMA, Optimization of Medical Accelerators, is an Innovative Training Network in the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions. The project brings together universities, research centers and ion beam treatment facilities with industrial partners to address the challenges in treatment facility design and optimization, numerical simulations for the development of advanced treatment schemes, and in beam imaging and treatment monitoring.

The proposed R&D program ranges from life sciences (oncology, cell and micro biology and medical imaging), physics and accelerator sciences, mathematics and IT, to engineering. It is hence ideally suited for an innovative training of early stage researchers. By closely linking all above research areas, OMA will provide an interdisciplinary education to its Fellows. This will equip them with solid knowledge also in research areas adjacent to their core research field, as well as with business competences.

The objective of this 36 month project at Amsterdam Scientific Instruments is to accelerate the development of a new type of high-speed hybrid pixelated detector. These detectors are based on the new generation Medipix (and Timepix) readout chip developed by an international collaboration led by CERN.
The high speed detector will be tested in a broad variety of different experimental setups, ranging from synchrotrons, spectral X-ray CT, ion beams, electron beams and neutron beam-lines. New sensor materials may also be explored to further improve the detector sensitivity.

This research project involves:

  • Design of the application specific software for big date processing and high speed analysis;
  • Study of the interaction of particles with matter and charge collection in different sensors;
  • Monte-Carlo simulations of various detector geometries, combined with verification of the detector efficiency for different particle species;
  • Development of optimal solutions for neutral particles detection with specific sensor materials;

The project will be a combination of basic development and testing of the new detector equipment with performing proof of principle experiments. The latter will be to explore advances in possible areas of application for both academic and industrial R&D. This could be in basic sciences on new materials and life sciences, but also in fields such as agrofood and art authentication.
ASI has been involved in many international research programs, including an FP7 ITN and is experienced in providing comprehensive local training to its staff. The fellow will first be trained in ASI’s detector technology and laboratory capabilities. This will include training in X‐ray imaging, mass spectroscopy and electron microscopy for detector characterization. Via existing collaborations with Nikhef and AMOLF the fellow will have access to other research facilities at the Amsterdam Science Park and receive hands-on training there.

Are you an excellent and motivated student or graduate thinking of doing a doctorate – or even having started a doctorate in an area related to the topics in OMA? Have you not lived in the Netherlands longer than 12 months during the past 3 years? Then you might be a good candidate! If you wish to apply, please hand in this application form together with the following documents (preferably by email –

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of motivation
  • High-school and University diploma
  • Pdf file of your master thesis
  • Names and addresses of at least two references
  • Results of language tests (if any)
  • List of publications and/or talks (if any)
  • Letters of recommendation (if any)
  • Other relevant documents

Save this document by naming it as:

Deadline: 30th of April 2016

Applications can be send to:

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments
Science Park 105
1098 XG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Research Fields
Physics – Applied physics

Career Stage
Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

Research Profiles
First Stage Researcher (R1)

You will benefit from a wide ranging training program that will take advantage of both local and network-wide activities, as well as of schools, conferences, and workshops.


Required Education Level
Degree Master Degree or equivalent
Degree Field Physics
Required Languages
Language ENGLISH
Language Level Excellent
Additional Requirements
– Start of projects has to be within 4 years after the candidate’s graduation
– Candidate hasn’t lived longer than 12 months in the Netherlands during the 36 months before the start of the project

For more information see the following website:

Operations and Office Manager

To anticipate on the increased market conditions and customer demands Amsterdam Scientific Instruments is looking for an Operations & Office Manager, who will work closely together with everyone within this relativity small company with 9 fte. This will be a new role that will evolve in time and needs an ambitious input.

Your interest in and experience with other fast growing technology companies will help you craft efficient and effective systems for the entire organization while taking direct responsibility for office management, operations, logistics, legal and all kinds of organizational functions of the business. Especially strong experience on defining and implementing new processes is needed. This job requires strong analytical and technical abilities and demands fast, but carefully thought-out results. Strong leadership and control of the work process from beginning to end is necessary. A high level of expertise is expected and the ability to spot and correct errors is important. Work must be done right and quickly, while always focusing on accomplishing the goal and demanding the highest quality work from co-workers.

Key Responsibilities

The Operations & Office Manager will lead all internal operations and will have the following responsibilities:

  • Manage and direct company operations to meet budget and other financial goals
  • Develop, establish and direct the execution of operating policies to support overall company objectives
  • Oversee office management and all administrative functions, ensuring smooth daily operations
  • Oversee risk management and legal activities: client contracts, partnership agreements, leases and other legal documents
  • Acknowledge and guide organizational changes – finding the right balance between Getting Things Done and Organize; aspiring the LEAN/AGILE way of working.


  • Must have approximately 3 years operational working experience in a similar technology based environment.
  • Technology background is a pro.
  • Lives no further than one hour away from Amsterdam.
  • Personal qualities of all round, ambition, integrity, credibility and commitment to the mission of our company.
  • Flexible and able to multi-task; can work within an ambiguous, fast-moving environment, while also driving toward clarity and solutions.
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities and guiding investment in people and systems.
  • Excellent in the English language

Salary indication 28K.

In case you are interested, please send your cover letter and Curriculum Vitae to attn. Linde van Schuppen. In case of questions concerning this vacancy, make use of +31642247059. 

Acquisition calls by recruitment agencies will not appreciated

Parttime Administratief Medewerker (m/v) 24 uur

De afdeling Finance verzorgt voor Amsterdam Scientific Instruments de gehele financiële administratie.

Plaats in de Organisatie
Finance vormt samen met Legal een unit die zoveel mogelijk zelfstandig opereert en met veel externe partijen werkt. Eindverantwoordelijke is de directie.

De aangeboden functie zal in overleg worden ingevuld. In beginsel zal deze voor 3 dagen per week zijn, maar dit kan uitgroeien naar meer.

De financieel medewerker is o.a. verantwoordelijk voor de volgende werkzaamheden:

  • Scannen en filen van documenten
  • Crediteuren en debiteuren facturen verwerken
  • Betalingen
  • Voorbereiden BTW aangiften
  • Voorbereiden rapportages
  • Dossiers aanleggen en up-to-date houden
  • Banken boeken
  • Salaris mutaties en allerlei voorkomende werkzaamheden m.b.t. personeelszaken
  • Wbso uren registratie
  • Onkostendeclaraties in Expensify
  • Diverse voorkomende werkzaamheden mbt de financiële administratie

Gewenste vaardigheden en deskundigheid:

  • Minimaal 2 jaar ervaring op het gebied finance
  • HBO’er – opleiding die aansluit bij de functie (BE-BA)
  • Accuraat
  • Een stevige persoonlijkheid die zelfstandig werkt
  • Geen 9 tot 5 type
  • Kunnen en willen werken in een sterk groeiende en wijzigende organisatie
  • Ad hoc kunnen werken
  • Flexibele teamplayer
  • Initiatief
  • Humor
  • Kennis van de engelse taal
  • Kennis van financiële software (liefst Twinfield)
  • Gedegen kennis van de MS office producten (Excel)

Je kunt je motivatiebrief en CV opsturen naar t.a.v. Linde van Schuppen.
Bij vragen kun je contact opnemen met
+31(0)20 5922071.

Open positions for the OMA project

The project for the Optimization of Medical Accelerators (OMA) is recruiting! The network is currently offering Fellowships to 15 talented, energetic, highly motivated early career researchers that will be employed by the different beneficiary partners across Europe. Possibilities for enrolling into a PhD programme exist.

Each researcher will benefit from a wide ranging training programme that will take advantage of both local and network-wide activities. Excellent salaries will be offered. Most positions are for starting on 1st October 2016.

Application deadline: 28th of February, 2016

More information on how to apply.


Timepix detectors with high-speed readout now available

From now on in addition to our standard detecting solutions we deliver detectors with high-speed readout capabilities: HS-QTPX (4 Timepix chips) and HS-STPX (1 Timepix chip).

Our team of electronic and software engineers have developed a high-speed readout with a frame rate up to 2 kHz. New detectors provide data collection approximately 15 times faster than our QTPX and STPX detectors and make it ideal for the study of fast, dynamic processes. The high-speed readout greatly expands areas of application of our detectors in imaging, tomography, particle tracking and diffraction with various types of radiation like x-ray, electrons, ions and neutrons.




3D-model of the HS-cameras.

3D-model of the HS-camera.

The video at the right shows a motion clip of Stirling engine demonstrating abilities of HS-QTPX. At the first two clips you see a motion recorded with a common frame rate. The third motion clip is a recording with the frame rate 1428 frames/second with a playback speed of 30 frames/second.

Technical details of the last motion clip:
  • 1428 frames/second (recording speed)
  • 30 frames/second (playback speed)
  • 700µs period
  • 113µs exposure time











ASI participated in a Lorentz Center Workshop

From November 3rd to 7th, ASI attended the Lorentz Center workshop Life Science with Industry. The idea of this workshop was for a young team of life scientists (PhD students and post-docs) to tackle a problem or challenge that companies face. ASI presented a challenge to the group of six to discover new or combine current techniques where our detector could be a game-changing tool. We believe that ASI’s detectors applications will lie mostly in the life sciences where speed and sensitivity are crucial.

The group’s ideas ranged from improved mass spectrometry detection to pushing the detectors limit to the soft X-ray range where noise from water molecules makes measurements difficult. Other applications included early detection of disease drug use or toxins through analysis of hair and proton induced X-ray emission. All in all it was an exciting week where, not only ASI learned a lot from the output of the group, but also the group learned what it is like to work in the dynamic atmosphere of a tech start-up.

Check out the workshop here

Lorentz Workshop








Come Visit us at IMSC 2014

ASI will be attending the International Mass Spectrometry Conference in Geneva this year.







Come visit our booth at the ground floor!