ASI at Netherlands@GIANT

Hans Roeland Poolman, Dmitry Byelov and Dr. Eric W. Boom from Dutch Space at Netherlands@GIANT.

Hans Roeland en  Dr. Eric W. Boom van Dutch Space Netherlands@Giants

ASI will be going to iWoRiD 2013

iWoRiD is held yearly and provides an international forum for discussing current research and developments in the area of position sensitive detectors for radiation imaging, including semiconductor detectors, gas- and scintillator-based detectors.

ASI will be going to iWoRiD 2013, if you would like to arrange a meeting, please click here.

Attending iWoRiD 2013

ASI attending Netherlands@GIANT

Netherlands@GIANT is a unique opportunity to meet Dutch firms in Grenoble. More than 20 high-tech companies specialised in the technical needs of Big Science institutes will come to the Grenoble Innovation Campus GIANT from 25 to 27 June and exhibit in the new extension building of the ESRF experimental hall. The complete programme of Netherlands@GIANT can be found here.

Please come and visit ASI during this event. If you would like us to contact you to arrange a meeting at ESRF, please click here.ASI attending Netherlands@GIANT website


We offer also LARGE AREA DETECTORS – up to 1M


Now we also offer, except single (STPX-65k) and quad (QTPX- 262k), large area detectors customized to your requirements. Ask for more information at here.

timepix 1M – four quads

Drivers for EPICS now available

The software libraries for our detectors now support the AreaDetector interface for EPICS based data acquisition systems.

The new software interface greatly simplifies integration of our devices into beam lines at synchrotrons, free-electron-lasers and other facilities.