Imaging and time-stamping single optical photons for quantum applications webinar

In collaboration with Photonis, ASI created Mantis³: the single-photon TPX3CAM. Join Dr. Andrei Nomerotski and Dr. Peter Švihra in discussing this fast optical camera based on the back-illuminated silicon sensor and Timepix3 data-driven readout. Mantis³ can provide time resolution on the nanosecond scale by time-stamping the single photons as individual events. In the presentation, Peter […]

Determination of pharmaceutical compounds using an ASI detector

The group from Prof. Dr. J.P. Abrahams from Leiden University published their research on the determination of organic pharmaceutical compounds using a Timepix quantum area detector developed by ASI. This study has been noted in the research news of International Union of Crystallography on the 26th of February. The following message is adapted from their news item: […]