Lipids comprise a major class of biological compounds which govern essential
functions in living organisms like cellular compartmentalization, energy storage, and
chemical signaling. A central challenge in lipidomics, the scientific field dedicated to
profiling lipid constitution and activity in biological systems, is aimed at elucidating the
full spectrum of diverse lipid species in different physiological states and across a broad
range of concentrations and conformations. Unraveling the composition of the lipidome
will have an immediate and lasting impact on the efficacy of disease diagnostics and
evolving therapeutic technologies. Such a monumental undertaking requires the
concerted efforts of an interdisciplinary network of experienced researchers and creative
scientific enterprises. The EURLipids consortium funded by Interreg EMR embodies an
international project platform with the purpose of establishing a renowned Lipidomics
knowledge center. The consortium integrates expertise, resources, and practices across
technical and geographical borders in academia and biomedical science, with the
overarching objective to facilitate breakthroughs in causality between lipid profiles and
disease progression. A primary focus area involves application of advanced mass
spectrometry-based imaging approaches to investigate neuro-degenerative diseases
(Alzheimer and Multiple Sclerosis), cancer, and cardio-renal disorders. Through ASI’s
ongoing partnership in the EURLipids project, the Timepix has been embraced as a core
technology for furthering lipidomics research in clinical pathology using a combination of
high-throughput and high-resolution stigmatic imaging mass spectrometry techniques.
ASI endeavors to valorize its contribution in this collaboration by innovating sustainable
commercial technologies and analytical workflows which support the lipidomics
screening framework and educational project initiatives.