MKB, TNO and NL agency jointly enter the Asian market

The fast growing Asian market creates opportunities for the Dutch hightech industry.

The fourth of November, NL Agency and the TAP into Asia cluster, which is a cluster of Dutch hightech companies, have signed a partnership in the context of the program Partners for International Business (PIB). The progam aims at increasing the market position of the Dutch hightech industry in South-Korea and Taiwan. The program is focused towards Semiconductior, Display and Solar production.

The TNO, MKB and the Dutch government strive to jointly influence the Asian market

The secretary of the TAP into Asian cluster is the TNO. Sam Helmer, Business Development Manager at TNO: “To acquiring market position at the Asian hightech mechanical engineering market, one needs to build up a relation of trust with Asian companies for several years. For Dutch individual companies, such an investment in long-term relations is rather costly. For this reason, the TNO and the Dutch hightech MKB cooperate within the TAP into Asia cluster, to create collective opportunities. The support of the PIB to the TAP into Asia cluster strenghtens the generation of business for the Dutch hightech MKB.”


The TAP into Asia cluster

The cluster consists of the TNO, NTS-Group, Sioux, PM-bearing, Xpress Precision Engineering, Tecnotion, Admesy, Eternal Sun, Single Quantum, Amsterdam Scientific Instruments, Omics2Image and Technology of Sense. These Dutch companies and research institutes all have their particular specialism in the field of high precision mechanical engineering. Steven Goetstouwers, Director at Admesy: “Admesy takes part in the PIB, because the fastly growing Asian hightech display industry is an extremely suitable place to develop our high precision color measurement for the display business.”

PIB AGNL Tap into Asia 650


Foto caption: The Tap into Asia cluster of hightech companies, NL Agency and TNO:

Left to right: John Willems – NTS, Rogier Savelsberg – ASI/Omics2Image, Robert Jan Buis – Technology of Sense, Harm van Leeuwen – TNO, Nasrat Popal – AgNL, Hans Roeland Poolman – ASI/Omics2Image, Steven Goetstouwers – Admesy, Pierre van der Stokker – Sioux, Ernst Treffers – Xpress Precision Engineering, Bob Jonker – Tecnotion, Jan van Gerwen – Bosch Rexroth, Sam Helmer – TNO, Roy Paulissen – AgNL, Chokri Mousaoui –Eternal Sun, Yvette Entius- AgNL, Sander Dorenbos – Single Quantum,  Ron willems – Sioux, Jan Gerbrands –Technology of Sense. Not on the picture: Joep Lüth – PMBearings


Partners for International Business

By the program Partners for International Business (PIB) the Dutch government aims at arranging a partnership with the business sector. The program is directed towards business groups, preferably supplemented by research institutions, who jointly want to enter the foreign market. Their detached activities are replaced by a commonly tailored strategy. Through economic diplomacy, the government may attempt to reduce trade and investment restrictions, to expand the room for opportunities. PIB is intended for Dutch companies in top industries with an international mission guided towards a partcular set of countries.

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