The newest in line, Cheetah1800, is a new retractable detector system with 512 x 512 pixels for TEM 35mm port. 

Cheetah1800 is the ideal detector for applications which require high spectral capabilities and high frame rates. Simultaneous detection in multiple spectral ranges is achieved by setting two thresholds and up to 24 bitcounter depth allows longer frame acquisitions. With the continuous RW mode speeds of 2000 fps with 12 bits counter depth is reachable.

Trigger Box

The data acquisition can be synchronized and automated with other units in your experimental system by sending voltage signals to our trigger box. It is also possible to use our server solution for complete remote control of the detector. The purpose of the trigger box is to convert the MPX3RX based camera trigger input and output signals to Low Voltage TTL (LVTTL).


Cheetah has diverse applications in physics, material science, crystallography and more, varying from 3D ED Tomography, MicroED, 4D-STEM, LEEM/PEEM, cryoEM and more.

Noiseless data acquisition allows to reach high signal to noise ratios, making it the ideal detector for low dose applications in beam sensitive materials.

Figure: Structure of novel HEWL polymorph obtained by 3D ED. Source: A. Lanza et al. IUCrJ .6, 178 (2019)

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