Omics2Image participates in EU awarded ITN project TargetCaRe

Omics2Image, an ASI company, participates as an Associate Partner in the Marie Curie ITN project TargetCaRe coordinated by Erasmus Universitiar Medical Center Rotterdam. For this project our IonPix camera will be used in for imaging which provides extremely high spatial resolution molecular images and has the capability of capturing several ion masses in one measurement cycle.
          TargetCaRe focuses on the development of a treatment against mobility diseases, such as chronic low back pain and osteoarthritis by drug delivery carriers. The aim is to achieve regeneration of damaged and degenerated tissues by employing targeting strategies tailored both to the pathology and the tissues involved. Omics2Image will be part of the supervisory board of TargetCaRe. We will also offer advice and mentoring in the program, in particular in the area of imaging, and contribute to training activities such as workshops and summer schools. The main objectives of this project are:
Kick-off meeting in Rotterdam for the TargetCaRe project.

Kick-off meeting in Rotterdam for TargetCaRe.

We are happy to offer opportunities for secondments to the scientists in the network. The consortium consists of the following organizations: