EM – CheeTah

Hybrid Pixel / Direct Electron Detector for Electron Microscopy

CheeTah Electron Microscopy Detector

ASI’s CheeTah is a hybrid pixel detector for electron microscopy applications. Enabling the full power of MEDIPIX® technology, the CheeTah detector allows single electron sensitivity. Moreover, high-speed and noiseless data acquisition. Also, it offers unprecedented possibilities to boost the power of standard TEMs. The EM – CheeTah is the detector of choice for low dose applications and for beam sensitive materials!

Benefits of CheeTah Detector

+ Single electron sensitivity

+ High signal to noise ratio

+ 24bit high dynamic range

+ Noiseless data acquisition with energy thresholding

+ Direct detection with DQE(0) > 0.9

+ Synchronization with microscope

+ Radiation hard

+ Bottom-mount or side retractable options

+ Increased efficiency with high-Z sensors for 300keV electrons

“The Timepix detector combined with continuous rotation electron diffraction greatly improved the data quality and shortened the data collection time from hours to minutes. Ab initio structure determination by electron diffraction has now become as feasible as by X-ray diffraction, but from crystals thousands of times smaller than what are needed for X-ray diffraction.”

Prof. Xiaodong Zou
Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry at Stockholm University

CheeTah M3 installation

Compared to a conventional CCD or CMOS camera, The CheeTah has much greater sensitivity and dynamic range to observe weak intensity points clearly, while not saturating the central beam on the same diffraction pattern!

Diffraction pattern taken during a 1 sec
exposure with a total dose 0.05 el Å-2

Image courtesy of Mauro Gemmi IIT@NES

CheeTah M3 is the ideal detector for applications which require high dynamic range and high frame rates. Powered by latest MEDIPIX3 ASIC, dead-time free operation and single electron sensitivity make sure each and every electron is counted without noise! Moreover, with the continuous RW mode read-out speed of 2000 fps with 12 bits counter depth is reachable on 512×512 pixels frames.

Moreover, Cheetah T3 are suitable for applications where the timing of the detected particles is more important. The unique TIMEPIX3 ASIC in The Cheetah T3 can detect events with a time resolution of 1.56 ns and the data-driven readout scheme results in a significant reduction of data transfer and processing requirements. Also, time-correlation measurements with other units are made possible with 260ps TDC channels. Time of Arrival and Time over threshold data can be used to reach super-resolution better than the 55micron actual pixel size.


Our versatile detector can be used for many different applications within the field of Electron microscopy:

•3D ED Tomography

•Pharmaceutical Crystallography

•Catalysis (Zeolites and MOFs)

•Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope

•Electron Backscatter Diffraction

•Low Energy Electron Microscopy

•In-situ Electron Imaging

Protein Crystallography

•Micro ED

•Precession Electron Diffraction



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