X-ray – LynX

The LynX detector series are hybrid pixel detectors based on the Timepix/Medipix3/Timepix3 technology. They have a pixel pitch of 55 µm, suitable for a wide range of applications. Moreover, the capability of the LynX detectors to measure energy of X-rays in each of its 512×512 pixels offers excellent performance for X-ray detection, imaging and tomography. The detectors consist of a sensor which is divided into an array of pixels. In addition, each pixel is connected with miniature bump-bonds to the readout ASICs below the sensor. Go to our applications and/or publications page to find out more.

Xray detector ASI LynX specifications

Benefits of our detector

• Direct, single photon detection
• Increase point spread function in charge summing mode
• Zero noise, high S/N and high dynamic range
• Short read out time and high frame rates
• Modular detectors, enabling large active area
• Increased high energy efficiency with high Z sensor materials