Our list of selected publications for TPX3CAM, EM, X-Ray, Timepix Mass Spectrometry and Miscellaneous.

Selected TPX3CAM publications

Fast camera spatial characterization of photonic polarization entanglement
C. Ianzano et al. Nature Scientific Reports (2020)

Characterization of planar phosphorescence based oxygen sensors on a TCSPC-PLIM macro-imager
R. Sen et al. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical (2020)

A new macro-imager based on Tpx3Cam optical camera for PLIM applications
R. Sen et al. SPIE Photonics Biomedical Spectroscopy, Microscopy, and Imaging (2020)

Counting of Hong-Ou-Mandel bunched optical photons using a fast pixel camera
A. Nomerotski et al. Sensors (2020)

Multidimensional quantum illumintation via direct measurement of spectro-temporal correlations
Y. Zhang et al. Physical Review A (2020)

New luminescence lifetime macro-imager based on a Tpx3Cam optical camera
R. Sen et al. Biomed Opt Express (2019)

Developing a camera-based 3D momentum imaging system capable of 1 Mhits/s
D. Debrah et al. Review of Scientific Instruments (2019)

Imaging and time stamping of photons with nanosecond resolution in Timepix based optical cameras
A. Nomerotski. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics (2019)

First demonstration of 3D optical readout of a TPC using a single photon sensitive Timepix3 based camera
A. Roberts et al. Journal of Instrumentation (2018)

Spatial characterization of photonic polarization entanglement using a Tpx3Cam intensified fast-camera
C. Ianzano et al. ArXiv (2018)

Coincidence velocity map imaging using Tpx3Cam, a time stamping optical camera with 1.5 ns timing resolution
A. Zhao et al. Review of Scientific Instruments (2017)

Characterization of TimepixCam, a fast imager for the time-stamping of optical photons
A. Nomerotski et al. Journal of Instrumentation (2017)

TimepixCam: a fast optical imager with time-stamping
M. Fisher-Levine and A. Nomerotski. Journal of Instrumentation (2016)

Selected Electron Microscopy publications

Modulated structure determination and ion transport mechanism of oxide-ion conductor CeNbO4+δ
J. Li et al. Nature Communications (2020)

Sub-pixel electron detection using a convolutional neural network
J. P. van Schayck et al. Ultramicroscopy (2020)

Visualizing drug inhibitor binding interactions using microcrystal electron diffraction
M. T. B. Clabbers et al. Nature Communications Biology (2020)

Heterogeneity of nano-sized Zeolite crystals
J.T.C. Wennmacher et al. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2020)

Nanocrystals of Lead Chalcohalides: A series of kinetically trapped metastable nanostructures
S. Toso et al. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2020)

Can 3D electron diffraction provide accurate atomic structures of metalorganic frameworks?
Z. Hang et al. Faraday Discussions (2020)

3D electron diffraction techniques
M. Gemmi and A.E. Lanza. Acta Crystallographica B (2019)

Electron correlation in channel-resolved strong-field molecular double ionization
C. Cheng et al. Physical Review A (2019)

Crystal orientation and grain size: Do they determinate opto-electronic properties of MAPbl3 perovskite?
L. Muscarella et al. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2019)

A metal-organic framework for efficient water-based ultra-low-temperature-driven cooling
D. Lenzen et al. Nature Communications (2019)

Daliranite, PbHgAs2S5: Determination of the incommensurately modulated structure and revision of the chemical formula
A.E. Lanza et al. Acta Crystallographica B (2019)

Evidence for Subsolidus Quartz-Coesite transformation in impact ejecta from the Australasian Tektie strewn field
F. Campanale et al. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (2019)

Automated serial rotation electron diffraction combines with cluster analysis: An efficient multi-crystal workflow for structure determination
B. Wang et al. IUCrJ (2019)

The crystal structure of Orthocetamol solved by 3d electron diffraction
I. Andrusenko et al., Angewandte Chemie (2019)

Nanobeam precession-assisted 3D electron diffraction reveals a new polymorph of hen egg-white Lysozyme
A. Lanza et al. IUCrJ (2019)

3D electron diffraction unravels the new Zeolite ECNU‐23 from the “Pure” powder sample of ECNU‐21
X. Liu et al. Angewandte Chemie (2019)

High-throughput continuous rotation electron diffraction data acquisition via software automation
M. O. Cichocka et al. Journal of Applied Crystallography (2018)

Crystalline Curcumin bioMOF obtained by precipitation in supercritical CO2 and structural determination by electron diffraction tomography
N. Portolés-Gil et al. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering (2018)

Ab initio structure determination of Cu2–xTe plasmonic nanocrystals by precession-assisted electron diffraction domography and HAADF-STEM imaging
E. Mugnaioli et al. Inorganic Chemistry (2018)

Superconductivity in Perovskite Ba0.85−xLaxPr0.15(Bi0.20Pb0.80)O3−δ
A. Firdous et al. Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism (2018)

Characterization at the level of individual crystals: single crystal MFI type Zeolite grains.
T. Gruene et al. Chemistry (2018)

Ab initio structure determination of nanocrystals of organic pharmaceutical com-pounds by electron diffraction at room temperature using a Timepix quantum area direct electron detector.
E. van Genderen et al. Acta Crystallographica A (2018)

[Ti8Zr2O12(COO)16] Cluster: An Ideal inorganic building unit for photoactive metal–organic frameworks
S. Yuan et al. ACS Central Science (2017)

Protein structure determination by electron diffraction using a single three-dimensional nanocrystal 
M. T. B. Clabbers et al.  Acta Crystallographica D (2017)

Elucidation of the elusive structure and formula of the active pharmaceutical ingredient Bismuth Subgallate by continuous rotation electron diffraction
Y. Wang et al. Chemical Communications (2017)

Crystal phases in hybrid metal–semiconductor nanowire devices
J. David et al. Nano Letters (2017)

Selected X-Ray publications

Introducing the crystalline phase of dicalcium phosphate monohydrate
B. Lu et al. Nature communications (2020)

Real-time sparse-sampled Ptychographic imaging through deep neural networks
M. J. Cherukara et al. Arxiv (2020)

Methods for operando coherent X-ray diffraction of battery materials at the Advaned Photon Source
L. Li et al. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation (2019)

High-energy coherent X-ray diffraction microscopy of polycrystal grains
S. Maddali et al. Arxiv (2019)

Active site localization of methane oxidation on Pt nanocrystals
D. Kim et al. Nature Communications (2018)

Anisotropic nano-scale resolution in 3D Bragg coherent diffraction imaging
M. J. Cherukara et al.  Applied Physics Letters (2018)

Selected Timepix Mass Spectrometry publications

An ambient detection system for visualization of charged particles generated with ionization methods at atmospheric pressure
B. Hommersom et al. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry (2016)

A micro-pixelated ion imaging detector for mass resolution enhancement of a QMS instrument
S. U. A. H. Syed et al. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2015)

Experimental investigation of the 2D ion beam profile generated by an ESI Octopole-QMS system
S. U. A. H. Syed et al. Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry (2014)

Time-Resolved imaging of the MALDI Linear-TOF Ion Cloud: Direct visualization and exploitation of ion optical phenomena using a position- and time-sensitive detector 
S. R. Ellis et al. Journ. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrometry (2014)

Enhanced detection of high-mass proteins by using an active pixel detector
S. R. Ellis et al. Angewandte Chemie (2013)

Cluster secondary ion mass spectrometry microscope mode mass spectrometry imaging
A. Kiss et al. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry (2013)

Detection systems for mass spectrometry imaging: A perspective on novel developments with a focus on active pixel detectors
J. H. Jungmann et al. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry (2013)

Biological tissue imaging with a position and time sensitive pixelated detector
J. H. Jungmann et al. J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrometry (2012) 

High dynamic range bio-molecular ion microscopy with the Timepix detector
J. H. Jungmann et al. Analytical Chemistry (2011)

Selected Miscellaneous publications

The application of electron backscatter diffraction on halide perovskite materials
H. Sun et al. Advanced energy Materials (2020)

Unique capabilities and applications of microchannel plates detectors with Medipix/Timepix readout
A. S. Tremsin and John V. Vallerga. Radiation Measurements (2020)

Optimization of spatial resolution and detection efficiency for Photon/Electron/Neutron/Ion counting detectors with microchannel plates and quad Timepix readout
A. S. Tremsin et al. Journal of Instrumentation (2018)

High Resolution Photon Counting with MCP-Timepix Quad Parallel Readout Operating at > 1KHz Frame Rates
A. S. Tremsin et al. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (2013)