Selected Ion and Electron Imaging Publications

3D velocity map imaging of electrons with TPX3CAM
C. Cheng et al. Rev. Sci. Instrum. (2022)

Laser-induced Coulomb explosion imaging of (C6H5Br)2 and C6H5Br–I2 dimers in helium nanodroplets using a TPX3CAM
C. Schouder et al. J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. (2021)

Single-shot MHz velocity-map-imaging using two Timepix3 cameras
H. Bromberger et al. Arvix (2021)

Two-tone Doppler cooling of radial two-dimensional crystals in a radiofrequency ion trap
A. Kato et al. Arvix (2021)

Multi-Particle Three-Dimensional Covariance Imaging: “Coincidence” Insights into the Many-Body Fragmentation of Strong-Field Ionized D2O
F. Allum et al. J. Phys. Chem. Lett. (2021)

Strong Field Ionization of Water II: Electronic and Nuclear Synamics En Route to Double Ionization
C. Cheng et al. Arvix (2021)

Angle-dependent strong-field ionization and fragmentation of carbon dioxide measured using rotational wave packets
H. Lam et al. Physical Review A (2020)

Momentum-resolved above-threshold ionization of deuterated water
C. Cheng et al. Physical Review A (2020)

Excited-state dynamics of CH2I2 and CH2 IBr studied with UV-pump VUVprobe momentum-resolved photoion spectroscopy
Y. Liu et al. The Journal of Chemical Physics (2020)

Electron correlation in channel-resolved strong-field molecular double ionization
C. Cheng et al. Physical Review A (2019)

Developing a camera-based 3D momentum imaging system capable of 1 Mhits/s
D. Debrah et al. Review of Scientific Instruments (2019)

Coincidence velocity map imaging using Tpx3Cam, a time stamping optical camera with 1.5 ns timing resolution
A. Zhao et al. Review of Scientific Instruments (2017)