Selected Miscellaneous Publications

Novel imaging technique for α-particles using a fast optical camera
G. D’amen et al. Journal of Instrumentaiton (2021)

Quantum-Assisted Optical Interferometers: Instrument Requirements
A. Nomerotski et al. ArXiv (2020)

Optical Readout of the ARIADNE LArTPC using a Timepix3-based Camera
R. Lowe et al. ArXiv (2020)

The application of electron backscatter diffraction on halide perovskite materials
H. Sun et al. Advanced energy Materials (2020)

Unique capabilities and applications of microchannel plates detectors with Medipix/Timepix readout
A. S. Tremsin and John V. Vallerga. Radiation Measurements (2020)

First demonstration of 3D optical readout of a TPC using a single photon sensitive Timepix3 based camera
A. Roberts et al. Journal of Instrumentation (2018)

Optimization of spatial resolution and detection efficiency for Photon/Electron/Neutron/Ion counting detectors with microchannel plates and quad Timepix readout
A. S. Tremsin et al. Journal of Instrumentation (2018)

Characterization of TimepixCam, a fast imager for the time-stamping of optical photons
A. Nomerotski et al. Journal of Instrumentation (2017)

Deriving spatially resolved beta dose rates in sediment using the Timepix pixelated detector
A. A. Romanyukha et al. Radiation Measurements (2017)

Development of a transmission alpha particle dosimetry technique using A549 cells and a Ra-223 source for targeted alpha therapy
R Al Darwish et al. Med Phys. (2016)

TimepixCam: a fast optical imager with time-stamping
M. Fisher-Levine and A. Nomerotski. Journal of Instrumentation (2016)

High Resolution Photon Counting with MCP-Timepix Quad Parallel Readout Operating at > 1KHz Frame Rates
A. S. Tremsin et al. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (2013)