Happy Holidays from ASI

Season’s Greetings from ASI

Season's greetigs from ASI
As we wind down for 2020, our team at ASI would like to thank you for your continued trust in us. Despite the uncertainties and challenges 2020 has brought, ASI was able to grow and make strides towards our mission: to progress the pace and scope of scientific research by enabling more sensitive and accurate measurement of high-energy particles.

In 2021, we look forward to providing you with even more innovative imaging solutions to help you make breakthrough discoveries. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn as ASI has many exciting things planned for 2021 – and we know you won’t want to miss out!

We wish you a safe & happy holiday! Cheers!

Colleagues working from home

ASI Encourages Colleagues to Work From Home

Due to the rapid increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the Netherlands, the Dutch government has advised its people to limit any unnecessary travel and contact for the foreseeable future.

At ASI, the health and well-being of our team are of upmost importance. That’s why, we encourage everyone to work from home as much as possible during these uncertain times.

Stay safe everyone~

Colleagues working from home

Although physically far, we still find time for gezelligheid*! *cosy & fun times in Dutch