22nd Feb 2022, Amsterdam – ASI (Amsterdam Scientific Instruments B.V.) has announced it will be joining forces with LoskoVision GmbH. Together, ASI and LoskoVision will manufacture the LC System – a complete neutron imaging detection system which will revolutionize neutron imaging and diffraction applications. The new detection system makes it possible to separate neutrons from other interactions on scintillators for large and small active Field-of-Views. This makes the LC System a very versatile neutron counting-type detector with remarkably high spatial and temporal resolution for a diverse set of applications.

“Since the interaction of a neutron in the scintillator produces visible light, the new system can use coincidence measurement of several photons to determine individual neutrons. Unlike the traditional model of exposure time, this enables us to record only those events matching our criteria for neutron interactions, achieving exceptionally high neutron discrimination,” says Adrian Losko, CEO of LoskoVision.

For decades it was only possible for neutron imaging researchers to obtain qualitative grey-scale images using standard CMOS or CCD camera technology. The LC System will enable researchers to obtain highly accurate, QUANTITATIVE spatial and temporal information thanks to the Timepix3 technology. This technology allows researchers to distinguish the neutron signal from gamma-ray backgrounds. The availability of gamma-ray corrected imaging is a game-changer in neutron imaging. This will help material scientists to determine the density of materials (e.g. for 3D-printed metallic materials) more precisely and identify voids and inclusions in tomographic modes more accurately.

“Neutron imaging was a tool to gain mostly qualitative insight into the spatial distribution of dense materials – but now it will become an impactful analytical tool for real-life applications of neutrons for material science in various disciplines (such as battery research, additive manufacturing, or high-performance alloys). Neutron imaging scientists will be able to offer new insights to material research, complementing other neutron applications such as diffraction, reflectometry, or small-angle scattering,” explains Thorbjoern Schoenbeck, CEO of ASI.

This new technology is set to benefit neutron scientists worldwide as it is a dramatic improvement from current technologies on the market.

Neutron Imaging

Neutron centre of mass event-based image recorded with TPX3CAM at sub-pixel sensor resolution of 0.1 × pixel-pitch using 125 μm 6LiF:ZnS scintillator and TPX3CAM (Top). For comparison, regular neutron radiograph recorded with scientific CMOS camera using 50 μm 6LiF:ZnS scintillator (Bottom) Images from New perspectives for neutron imaging through advanced event-mode data acquisition A. S. Losko et al. Sci Rep. (2021)

About LoskoVision

LoskoVision is a startup specialized in the development of new event-based detector systems to overcome the limitations of existing detector technology. The goal of LoskoVision is to simultaneously improve detector technology while making it more affordable for research facilities around the world, reaching small scale university-based research, as well as large scale research facilities with international user programs. Working closely with scientists, LoskoVision is determined to bridge the gap between research and high-tech companies, reducing the Time-to-Market of complex innovative technology and laying the groundwork for their development.

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments B.V. appoints Thorbjoern Schoenbeck as Chief Executive Officer

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Amsterdam Scientific Instruments B.V. (“ASI”) today announced that Amsterdam Scientific Instruments B.V. has appointed Thorbjoern Schoenbeck as CEO and chairman of the executive board.

In addition, Hans Brouwer and Steven Tan, who managed ASI since 2017, will join the executive board. The new leadership appointments are effective immediately and will enable ASI to execute its ambitious corporate development strategy focused on continuous innovation and persistent growth.

“We are fortunate to have someone of Thorbjoern’s caliber and experience joining ASI,” said Hans Brouwer. “After having developed ASI from a small academic startup to a fast-growing company with a robust organization, top-tier customer base and mature product portfolio, we need renewed leadership to successfully bring the company to the next phase of development and growth. Thorbjoern has a strong background in high-tech and a proven track record commercializing advanced instrumentation. He is a strong communicator who understands our customers, both academic and industrial. Furthermore, having served in various sales leadership roles at Malvern Panalytical for the past 14 years, Thorbjoern has a solid understanding of our products and markets.”

Thorbjoern Schoenbeck said, “I am honored and excited to lead ASI. I believe ASI has a great team, a unique innovation power and a wonderful portfolio of products that will empower researchers around the world to push the frontiers of life sciences and physics and to force breakthrough innovations that will change the world.”

Speaking on behalf of Value Creation Capital, one of ASI’s investors, Willem van den Berg said, “We very much appreciate Steven Tan and Hans Brouwer for developing and driving ASI to its current successful position and for having the awareness and insight that new leadership and governance is required in anticipation of the next phase of the development of ASI. We believe that Thorbjoern has the right expertise, communication skills and leadership abilities to inspire the team and deliver on ASI’s ambitions.”


TPX3CAM with Cricket image intensifier

ASI TPX3CAM with Photonis Cricket image intensifier.

AMSTERDAM, The NetherlandsPhotonis, expert manufacturer of electro-optic components and Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI) have agreed to an exciting joint venture.

Photonis is a global innovator, developer, and supplier of photo sensor technologies. Photonis has agreed to supply ASI with highly optimized image intensifier for ASI’s ultra-fast optical imaging camera TPX3CAM.

“The TPX3Cam combined with our Photonis Cricket offers single photon imaging with high spatial and time resolution”, says Evert van Gelder, Global director of Sales and Business development. Its fast timing capabilities make it equally suitable for time-of-flight imaging of ions, electrons or neutrons. A truly versatile product.”

The joint efforts of Photonis and ASI is expected to improve the affordability and accessibility of high-quality single photon detectors. The collaboration will benefit researchers from all over the world who wish to image single photons with time sensitive data. TPX3CAM offers time resolution of 1.6 ns, continuous data readout, and can be used as stand-alone detector, or be easily integrated in table-top lab setups or free-electron-laser environments.

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