Timepix detectors with high-speed readout now available

From now on in addition to our standard detecting solutions we deliver detectors with high-speed readout capabilities: HS-QTPX (4 Timepix chips) and HS-STPX (1 Timepix chip).

Our team of electronic and software engineers have developed a high-speed readout with a frame rate up to 2 kHz. New detectors provide data collection approximately 15 times faster than our QTPX and STPX detectors and make it ideal for the study of fast, dynamic processes. The high-speed readout greatly expands areas of application of our detectors in imaging, tomography, particle tracking and diffraction with various types of radiation like x-ray, electrons, ions and neutrons.




3D-model of the HS-cameras.

3D-model of the HS-camera.

The video at the right shows a motion clip of Stirling engine demonstrating abilities of HS-QTPX. At the first two clips you see a motion recorded with a common frame rate. The third motion clip is a recording with the frame rate 1428 frames/second with a playback speed of 30 frames/second.

Technical details of the last motion clip:
  • 1428 frames/second (recording speed)
  • 30 frames/second (playback speed)
  • 700µs period
  • 113µs exposure time