The TPX3Cam is a fast optical camera for time stamping of optical photons. It is based on a new silicon pixel sensor, which in combination with the Timepix3 ASIC and readout, is suitable for a wide range of applications which require time-resolved imaging of electrons, ions or single photons. The TPX3Cam can be easily integrated both in table-top lab setups, as in synchrotron or free-electron-laser environments.

TPX3Cam with Timepix3

Image of TPX3Cam

Benefits of our detector

• Increased light sensitivity silicon sensor
• Wave length range: 400 – 1000 nm
• Per pixel simultaneous detection of time (ToA) and intensity (ToT)
• Time resolution 1.6 ns, effective frame rate > 500 MHz
• Lossless, data driven readout up to 80 Mhits/s
• Flexible optical design outside of vacuum


• Energy resolved X-ray
Computed Tomography
• Fast product-line X-ray inspection
Electron Microscopy
Mass spectrometry
• Single photon imaging
Ion and electron imaging
• Neutron imaging

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