"We make fancy detectors!"

ASI has detectors for all kinds of particles: electrons, photons, X-rays, neutrons and ions. We design and manufacture higly advanced and customized detector solutions for researchers that need something better than the standard solution.  

Advanced TEM detectors

Ultrafast Event Camera for Photons

Advanced X-ray detectors

CheeTah is a hybrid pixel detector for electron microscopy applications based on Medipix3 and Timepix3.

TPX3CAM is an event-driven time-resolved 2D detector for optical photons. It can be used in many different applications with scintillators or phosphor screens. 

LynX is a hybrid pixel detector for X-ray detection based on Medipix3 (frame-based) or Timepix3 (event-based, time-resolved) technology. 

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